Those, who chant the Mantra Namo Amitābhaya open themselves to the eternal light and they allow their being, bodies, hearts and spirits to be permeated by it. This light has the power to dissolve all physical and psychological sufferings. It can very effectively alleviate pain and lead a body out of diseases into a healing process. Regular chanting of the mantra rejuvenates the body, making it more natural and beautiful, softer and more articulated. Namo Amitābhaya brings us natural vitality and allows us to reach higher-than-average age in good health.

On the psychological level, the mantra has the power to dissolve the roots of deep patterns and blockages. Namo Amitābhaya counteracts all forms of fear, sadness and grief. It alleviates startles, internal tension and stress, and it helps with sleep-onset and sleep-maintenance insomnia. Those, who regularly chant Namo Amitābhaya are more balanced and relaxed, happier and more vital. Those, who experience the power of the mantra in their hearts, enter into freedom and a deep inner peace. They become happy and fulfilled. The spirit of their life can manifest and the life can find its true expression.

amitaba_mandalaThose, who chant Namo Amitābhaya for a lifetime and at the same time, are deeply connected with this mantra, they will not die due to a serious illness or sudden death (for example, an accident). They will leave this world peacefully and with deep trust and they will know where they go. They will go beyond death and return to their true being. Those, who chant this mantra with deep trust while accompanying dying people, they can help them to pass through the process of dying gently, peacefully and without pain.

It will take some time for the mantra to unfold its entire potential within you. The decisive factors here are the inner attitude, the accuracy of the tone as well as the correct pronunciation. If all of them are right, you have apprehended the body of the mantra. However, its soul you will only grasp when your heart becomes entirely imbued with the mantra, if you fully trust the mantra and recite it with a sense of fulfillment and affection. Once the body and the soul of the mantra unite, the mantra becomes alive.

In other words, at the beginning you understand the orientation of the mantra, its meaning. You know that this mantra can lead you to eternal light. However, this is just knowledge, an intellectual understanding in your head. It is much more important that you experience the mantra in your heart. In this way you will open all the abundance and complexity of the mantra over time.

At the beginning there might be many external and internal blockages between you and the mantra, for that reason so I highly recommend not only to chant the mantra, but also to carry out the mantra ceremony for a longer period of time. This ceremony will help you to open faster and deeper for the eternal light, and your blockades will be cleared out faster.